About this tool

Get-TenantPartition was a PowerShell script written internally by one of the PMs on the Microsoft 365 U.S. Government Programs team as a quick way to query Azure AD and find out where a tenant is, what it's GUID is, and a few other properties.

During a migration project, it was thought that this script's function would be useful to a larger audience and while PowerShell is incredibly powerful, it's not the most approachable and so the web-based version of Get-TenantPartition was created and given a fun name (aka.ms/wheres-my-tenant).

Change history

Here's the change history for Get-TenantPartition on the Web:

Version Date Description
1.0 9/22/2020 Initial version.
1.1 the same day New China lookup page, added copy-to-clipboard capability, added warning for GCC-in-Azure-Gov tenants (rare, but problematic.)
1.2 later that same day Added Germany lookup page
1.3 9/23/2020 Integrated Font Awesome's rad icon library and made some additional cosmetic and under-the-hood changes. Added some language around Fairfax to Arlington migrations.
1.4 during the daylight hours Code cleanup, added some additional context around edge cases.
1.5 few hours later during a meeting Added a status spinner to indicate that the client is searching, updated to Bootstrap 4.5 framework
1.6 that afternoon Combined all three lookup pages (Global, China, Germany) into a single page with an environment dropdown. One stop shopping.
1.7 9/30/2020 Tidied up some code, added a tenant validation tool for GCC High and DOD customers wanting to re-use an existing Online Services tenant for their services.
1.8 12/7/2020 Removed the validation tool as we're done with that now. Cleaned up some Fairfax to Arlington migration stuff. Other small changes.
1.9 3/3/2021 Happy New Year! Split out USGov from Global lookup scope as cross-cloud lookups are being disabled.
1.9.1 9/17/2021 Moved the site to GitHub (a private repo for now), cleaned up a little other code, converted the Azure DevOps build pipeline to a GitHub action. Didn't want to go to v2.0 just yet.