About this tool

Get-TenantPartition was a PowerShell script written internally by one of the PMs on the Microsoft 365 U.S. Government Programs team as a quick way to query Azure AD and find out where a tenant is, what it's GUID is, and a few other properties.

During a migration project, it was recognized that this script's function would be useful to a larger audience and while PowerShell is incredibly powerful, it's not the most approachable, so the web-based version of Get-TenantPartition was created and given a fun URL (aka.ms/wheres-my-tenant).

Change history

Here's the change history for Get-TenantPartition on the Web:

Version Date Description
1.0 9/22/2020 Initial version.
1.1 the same day New China lookup page, added copy-to-clipboard capability, added warning for GCC-in-Azure-Gov tenants (rare, but problematic.)
1.2 later that same day Added Germany lookup page
1.3 9/23/2020 Integrated Font Awesome's rad icon library and made some additional cosmetic and under-the-hood changes. Added some language around Fairfax to Arlington migrations.
1.4 during the daylight hours Code cleanup, added some additional context around edge cases.
1.5 few hours later during a meeting Added a status spinner to indicate that the client is searching, updated to Bootstrap 4.5 framework
1.6 that afternoon Combined all three lookup pages (Global, China, Germany) into a single page with an environment dropdown. One stop shopping.
1.7 9/30/2020 Tidied up some code, added a tenant validation tool for GCC High and DOD customers wanting to re-use an existing Online Services tenant for their services.
1.8 12/7/2020 Removed the validation tool as we're done with that now. Cleaned up some Fairfax to Arlington migration stuff. Other small changes.
1.9 3/3/2021 Happy New Year! Split out USGov from Global lookup scope as cross-cloud lookups are being disabled.
1.9.2 7/26/2022 Removed Germany as that cloud has been deprecated. Fixed some bugs, cleaned up some service references (thanks Ken!), updated some libraries (including to Bootstrap v5.2). It's summer in Seattle, so might as well stay indoors and do some housekeeping.